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Viewable Impressions

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Increase Ad Views up to 95%

For Publishers, Advertisers, Internet Marketers and Developers

Multiply click-through rates and supercharge online ad revenues with viewable impressions

increase CPM performance with viewable impressions
Adosia is the industry leader in viewable impression ad serving technologies.  Adosia's vCPM revenue models guarantee our Advertiser Network the viewability of every billable impression.  In addition to offering viewable impressions, Adosia's Ad View Optimization technology bridges the gap to viewability by significantly increasing ad viewability rates of traditional CPM campaigns.

Adosia's patent-pending Ad Inventory Optimization technology is integrated into our Publisher Network and unobtrusively delivers multiple impressions as visitors scroll down a web page.  This effectively maximizes the overall quantity of high-viewability impressions delivered per each page view, and assists our Publisher Network with offsetting the decrease in CPM impression inventory which occurs when transitioning to viewable impressions.
For Advertisers
For Publishers
viewable impression ad networkAdvertiser Network
Over 50% of all display advertising impressions delivered are never viewed.  Adosia helps advertisers maximize viewable impressions, targeting content in real-time, within both static
and continuous scrolling environments
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Increase Ad Viewability

Only deliver viewable impressions while tracking true ad views.  Double ad viewability to explode campaign performance and conversions

ad view tracking domain transparency

Powerful Tracking & Reporting

Easily track impressions, viewability, clicks and activity...  across ads, campaigns and specific domains for maximum insight

viewable CPM campaigns

Low Prices, Infinite ROI

Take advantage of competitive pricing with high-performance CPM, vCPM and CPC campaigns to optimize ROI like never before

latest ad technology

Latest Viewability Technology

Leverage the latest in ad viewability optimization and dynamic targeting tech to keep campaigns fresh, powerful and ahead of the curve

cost effective brand awareness

Rapidly Increase Brand Awareness

Utilize Adosia's ad delivery network to display significantly more viewable impressions to cost-effectively increase awareness to your brand

industry standard ad formats

Industry Standard Ad Formats

Leverage your existing ad designs for Medium Rectangle, Rectangle, Wide Skyscraper and Half Page advertising formats

Ad View Optimization
Leverage Adosia's Ad View Optimization and increase advertiser demand for your viewable inventory while boosting ad revenues.  Differentiate your inventory with viewable impressions to achieve significant premiumslearn more
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dynamically content aware ads

Content-Aware Ad Delivery

Adosia delivers content-aware ads in real-time, within both static and dynamic environments, providing the utmost relevance to your audience

grow online ad revenue

Multiply Viewable Ad Inventory

Adosia increases viewable impressions up to 10-20+ times while unobtrusively drawing your visitors' attention to your ads

increase ad space

Maximize Viewable Real Estate

Adosia dynamically populates ads "below the fold" as vistors scroll downwards to optimize revenue from every pixel in the viewport

scrolling advertising applications

Endless Applications

Place alongside static content, infinite AJAX feeds, user comment areas, or replace user-deterring slideshows with vertical scrollshows

high paying publisher network

50% Revenue Share

Earn a minimum 50% revshare payout on PPI, PPV and PPC ad revenues generated by your web sites' visitor traffic

ad plugins

Seamless Integration

The infini ad widget seamlessly transforms your existing web sites into high-performing viewable impression revenue powerhouses

Adosia Partners
software development
SWEC's number one priority is to help clients suceed in business.  Utilizing the SWEC framework eliminates hundreds of hours of web development.  SWEC Software designs the best possible technology solutions to exceed clients' technology needs
project management for developers
CodeTeams is a project management and social networking site for developers.  Achieve optimal productivity and complete projects ahead of schedule with an enhanced approach to developer organization while quickly tracking and resolving bugs.
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